SEPO members in good standing with a paid up membership are eligible for a discounted rate on propane purchased from and delivered by Sparlings Propane. The locked in rate for September 1, 2023 to June 30, 2024 is $0.569 / litre. 

Only SEPO members with active and paid up memberships are eligible for this benefit. You must contact Carrie Reynolds,, phone 519 924 7465,     1 800 747 9560 in order to sign a contract for bulk pricing.  

In order to qualify for the preferred price, your membership for the following year must be paid as of September 15 of the preceding year.  Eg. 2024 membership must have been paid as of September 15, 2023.

Sparlings Propane is kept apprised of membership status including new members who join during the year.    Members who join SEPO or who sign up after the September date, will pay the “Floating Rate” for the current heating season and then will be enrolled for the following heating season.  If you are presently receiving a locked in price and you join SEPO after the enrollment date, your locked in price will continue without interruption.

New members, regardless of when you join, in order to enroll in the locked in rate program for SEPO , please contact Carrie Reynolds at 1-519-924-3331 whenever you join. The deadline is September 15 preceding the heating season.

For verification of or assistance with your membership status  please contact our Treasurer, Carrie King at  or David Almack, President at