Despite the realities of the times, there is always something to get excited about, learn and strive towards.

Here is our good news!  Keep the Bruce Clean and Green continues to operate our bottle return initiative! Last year, thanks to your generosity, we made over $500.00!

Remember, we will also pick up your returnables, if that’s easier for you.  Just call (519) 596-2649 or visit our drop off location at 182 Cape Hurd Road, Tobermory.

Thanks to the lovely, supportive people, at the Lambliscious store in Wiarton! They sold over $300 worth of our inventory!  Hats, stickers and T shirts were the big sellers. Stop in and check out our new T shirts!  Do you know what is different?  Or email us at “” if you would like to place an order.

We have two new organizations that we are pleased to be a part of!  The Peninsula Bruce Trail chapter of the B.T. Conservancy and “The Greener Future” organizations!

We will be joining those organizations in June at special “Litter Blitzes”!  We will be at the McCurdy parking lot in Lion’s Head and Little Cove in Tobermory.

Please follow us on Facebook for more details.

If you are interested in learning how to compost, we will be offering a free session, called Compost 101, just for SEPO members! Dates and times will be advertised in the Tobermory Press.

You might be wondering what we do with the money we earn?  Some of the money we have earned, is going towards the promotion of reusable and recyclable takeout containers, for restaurants and special dinner events. We have earmarked  $200.00 for the Tobermory Legion, to go towards this initiative. With the increase in takeout business, we hope to encourage local restaurants to make wise, informed purchases of takeout containers.  So, we will offer similar incentives to them. It’s a win-win situation!

Some of our money will also be going towards proper, effective signage regarding the placement of WASTE.  To be most effective, Litter meetings via Zoom, have taught us that ideally, signs should be simple, visual in nature and cover three languages; Chinese, Hindi (spoken by East Indians) and English.  According to 2019 statistics, 48% of our visitors were of Asian descent!  32% don’t speak English or French.

Our motto, “To judge the day by the seeds you plant!”, remains firm. We know many of you, look after your own special areas, we are very appreciative of all your individual efforts! If you would like to acknowledge a special “Litter Ambassador”,  please send us an email.

If we all do what we can, our little piece of paradise will remain entact!

We welcome thoughts, ideas and/or questions!

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