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The Federation of Ontario Cottagers’ Associations was formed over 50 years ago, membership exceeds 500 member associations located across Ontario and represents over 50,000 waterfront property owning families.

Federation of Ontario Cottages Associations Website

Click on the link below to set up your personal account on the FOCA Website

Link to set up your personal FOCA account

St. Edmunds Property Owners, Inc joined FOCA in 2018; as a result, SEPO members are qualified for FOCA member benefits.  Visit FOCA Member Benefits to learn more about the paybacks of FOCA membership. You can contact the suppliers directly. Identify yourself as a member of “St. Edmunds Property Owners, Inc.” (not SEPO) which will then allow you to benefit from their products and services.

Cottage Life Magazine Subscription. The price through FOCA is $24.95 for 1 year, 6 issues PLUS a bonus issue = 7 issues in total. Retail price through Cottage Life is $30.95 for 6 issues.      Consider signing up for Cottage Life Dockside email newsletter that contains many items of relevant interest.

Follow this link to read about FOCA’s activities in 2023.  Lake Stewards Report

For questions or assistance? Please email info@sepo.ca