St. Edmunds Property Owners, Inc. supports and realizes the importance of periodically reviewing our visions for the future of the Municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula. Change is often necessary and can be beneficial when conducted in an open, transparent and collaborative manner that includes and involves a significant majority of stakeholders.

This page contains information and links to background information about the Official Five Year Plan Review and the need to postpone passage of this legislation until all changes are clearly explained and understood.

 All property owners must be fully apprised of and understand the implications of the proposed changes and by-laws.

Changes to the Official Plan and the comprehensive zoning bylaws which evolve from the Official Plan, typically are rolled out every five years, and among other purposes sets the rules under which property owners in the municipality can build on their land.

SEPO believes that the package of changes introduced by the outgoing Council was poorly explained by the Municipality.  In our view, especially as there were multiple changes to the package during the consultations, we believe that the residents of the municipality were not adequately consulted or informed.  The spirit of the Provincially mandated consultations was not fulfilled.   As a result, without adequate understanding of or consent to these revisions, the 2014 t0 2918 Council postponed changes to the Official Plan and comprehensive zoning bylaws .

Instead, feedback from property owners should continue to be received during the winter and early spring. Once all revisions are accessible to the majority of stakeholders, a final consultation round can take place. The goal must be for all parties to understand and to take ownership of all aspects of the Five Year Plan Review. Only then, as a community, can we take satisfaction knowing that we have all worked towards the best solution for everyone in The Municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula.

During the summer of 2017, increasing numbers of residents and property owners became aware and concerned about the outcome of the present process thanks in large part to the ongoing efforts of Kathy Dimaline, a local realtor and property owner.  Out of this, a Facebook page Red Line: Bruce Peninsula Advocates was born; it continues to attract members with a common concern for the process and impact of the Official Five Year Plan Review on all stakeholders in the Municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula. this is the link:

A professional advocate, Leith R.A. Coghlin, has been retained to assist with persuading our elected municipal leaders to further engage and consult with concerned property owners in order to achieve an equitable and representative revision of the Official Plan for The Municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula.  To learn more about this initiative and to financially  support it, please follow this link: YOUR-HELP-IS-NEEDED

PETITION.  Despite expressing real and legitimate concerns during large turnouts at public meetings and countless written submissions, Municipal staff are continuing to urge Council to pass this contentious piece of legislation.  This is contrary to the ongoing request to hold off passage until further input, consultation and review can occur prior to passing it later in 2018.  An online petition has been set up.  Further background information with reasons for objecting is available as a PDF (look on the bottom of your screen).  Petition Information January 2018 It’s easy; simply enter your name (your email will not be shown), then enter your honest, convincing opposition to these proposals.  Note: at this point you may be asked for a donation to support the cost of the petition; do not donate.  

Just follow this link to sign the petition:  Link to Petition  Note: Each owner of a property should complete the petition; it will register as multiple entries and  enforce the level of concern and be patient, it may take a few moments to respond, despite being asked to pay, it’s not required. 

This is the link to NBP Advocates Blog, it contains more useful information.

This is the Municipality’s newly revised Website