Council members can be contacted in person by phone or by email, communication with the entire Council can be with a letter, an email or as a delegation at a Council meeting.


Mayor Milt McIver,                                                             Telephone: (519) 592-3076

Deputy Mayor Debbie Myles,                        Telephone:  (519) 795-7240

Councillor Laurie “Smokey” Golden,                Telephone: (519) 596-2614

Councillor Megan Myles,                                    Telephone: (519) 387-3663

Councillor James Mielhausen,               Telephone: (519) 378-8457

To be certain that emails are received and read, include a delivery and read receipt with each email.


It is important to clearly state the topic and to provide permission to include the letter on a Council Agenda

Letters should be addressed to:

Mayor Milt McIver and Council,
Municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula
56 Lindsay Road 5
Lion’s Head Ontario,
N0H 1W0

Alternately, letters can be saved as a PDF and emailed to Clerk Mary Lynn Standen and to CAO Peggy Van Mierlo-West,    and provide permission to include the letter on a Council Agenda                                   Include a delivery and read receipt with each email that you send.


Emails, as a quick and convenient communication tool, have largely taken over from written letters while creating some privacy concerns.  Emails contain names and sensitive contact information including email addresses, phone numbers and addresses. Emails submitted to Council must clearly state whether or not the content is private or is be included on a Council agenda and should clearly state “Confidential” or “for inclusion on a a Council agenda”.  Emails included on a Council agenda, will have personal sensitive information deleted, leaving only the sender’s name.  In order to be included on a Council Agenda, emails to Council, must be copied to Clerk, Mary Lynn Standen, and to CAO Peggy Van Mierlo-West,


The protocol  for inclusion on a Council agenda as a delegation has recently changed and now employees an interactive form.

Those wishing to appear as a delegation are required to submit a completed Request for Delegation form to the Clerk.  Delegations are received on a first come, first served basis.  Anyone wishing to view, discuss or provide written comments on any by-law (or agenda document) or submit Correspondence for the Council Agenda or submit a completed Request for Delegation form shall provide same to the Clerk no later than 12 Noon on the Wednesday preceding the scheduled Council meeting.