Representing property owners in the former Township of St. Edmunds
and The Municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula

MEMO #2 - 2023


This memo contains information that enables SEPO members to login in to the FOCA website; it is being sent to all SEPO members in good standing.

St. Edmunds Property Owners, Inc. "SEPO" is a member of "FOCA", Federation of Ontario Cottagers Associations; a portion your membership fees pays for SEPO's annual FOCA membership. As a member of SEPO you are entitled to access the public and members only information on the FOCA website.
Note: The FOCA website is going through a major update which is well underway; login for regular updates and informative content.
Please, do not share this login information with people who are not members of St. Edmunds Property Owners, Inc. Thank you
From Michelle Lewin, FOCA's Manager of Communications & Development.
"For now, the web login remains as before, until we onboard each association to the new Member Press system, at its renewal month (November for SEPO) when SEPO members will be able to login separately."

Here are the login details for the FOCA website, which are currently shared between all members:

THE USERNAME: focamember
PASSWORD: Foc@M3mb3$2014

Important Notes:
  • You may wish to copy and paste the Password from this message into the Login box on the website, as it is complex and case-sensitive.
  • Please keep this information confidential and retain this message for your future use.
  • You can use the login to access any member materials (such as recordings of past webinars) or pages listed as “Members only.”
  • Over the coming year, FOCA is moving to a login format where each user will be able to create their own personal login Username and Password. Stay tuned for details at your renewal month time.
Who is FOCA?

FOCA is the voice of the Ontario waterfront.
FOCA speaks to, and on behalf of, the 250,000 waterfront property owners (WPO) who live at the water, either seasonally or year-round. Our members are 525 lake & road associations in rural communities across the province.

Our Vision: thriving and sustainable waterfronts across Ontario, now and for future generations.
As always, we welcome your input and thank you for your continued support and interest in “SEPO." Please forward your comments to

On behalf of the SEPO Executive:
David Almack, Udo Nixdorf, Carrie King, Kevin Doyle, Dave Hartney, Tom McAfee and Jack Schenk.
Contact us at: St. Edmunds Property Owners, Inc.
P.O. Box 152, Tobermory, ON, N0H 2R0
OR at:
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